Researcher Biographies

The Data Futures Partnership commissioned Sapere Research Group to research significant barriers to data sharing.  Two reports have been produced:

Report Authors

Hayden Glass

Hayden Glass, a Principal at the Sapere Resarch Group, specialises in advice on public policy issues and in policy evaluation. One of Hayden’s main research interests is the impact of the Internet and data on business and the economy, and how New Zealand can take advantage of technology to improve its national economic performance. He convened The Moxie Sessions, a collaborative think tank, to encourage conversations on these issues. Hayden is also the COO of Figure.NZ, a social enterprise focused on making New Zealand’s public data easier to find and easier to use.

Aaron Schiff

 Aaron Schiff is an independent consulting economist and data scientist. He helps people to understand complex issues and make better decisions through the use of data analysis, economic modelling, and data visualisation.

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