Publishing Our Data Guidelines

The Data Futures Partnership has today published A Path to Social Licence: Guidelines for Trusted Data Use

These practical guidelines are designed to help organisations work with data in a way that builds trust with individuals and the wider community.  They reflect what thousands of New Zealanders told us as we engaged with people across the country.  The guidelines focus on eight questions people told us they expect to see addressed by an organisation requesting their data. 

These are: 

  • What will my data be used for? 

  • What are the benefits and who will benefit? 

  • Who will be using my data 

  • Is my data secure? 

  • Will my data be anonymous? 

  • Can I see and correct data about me? 

  • Will I be asked for consent? 

  • Could my data be sold? 

In addition, the guidelines also set out when it is necessary to engage with the wider community to build social licence for a particular data use. 

We are publishing these guidelines as a draft so that we can work with organisations to test and revise them.   

The Data Futures Partnership would welcome your feedback which can be provided via a consultation form on our website link)

These guidelines are the result of a lot of research and widespread engagement.  The Partnership is looking forward to working with organisations to embed them and drive trusted data use in New Zealand. If you know of an organisation or project which would be keen to test the guidelines, please do let us know.